Speaking gigs. Sales. Authority. Confidence. We'll show you how to thrive as a speaker.

Join us for this free seminar created by women for women. Wednesday 26th June 2019, Vancouver BC.

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Are you ready to be a confident, compelling, and influential speaker?

Welcome to Speaker Superstar Vancouver! Join us and we'll take your speaking career supernova!

Free event for female speakers, Wednesday 26th June 2019.

You will create a life beyond your wildest dreams when you own your greatness as a speaker. There is no better feeling than when an audience member says 'your talk just changed my life'.

When you help, inspire and transform your audiences in this way, the money starts to take care of itself. Amazing opportunities find their way to you; your profile grows as you become known as an authority; and as more and more people approach you to work with you, business becomes so much easier.

I should know. I was forced into self-employment at just 16 years old as a result of being kicked out of school. And it's the best thing that ever happened to me. For the last 15 years, I've travelled the world inspiring and educating women - meeting amazing people, seeing incredible places, and making a great living in the process.

I'm just a regular girl from a tiny town in Ayrshire, Scotland. And if this Speaker Superstar life is available to's most CERTAINLY available to you as well.

During this full day, high-value coaching seminar for female speakers, we're going to cover:

1. How to come up with your signature talk - the talk that only YOU can give.

2. How to overcome stage fright and speaking nerves once and for all.

3. How to get booked to speak on other people's stages.

4. How to host successful and profitable events.

5. How to get the bums of ideal clients in seats at your event.

6. How to brand yourself as a speaker superstar and stand out from the crowd.

7. How to speak to grow your business, make money and create clients.

8. How to speak confidently on video and Facebook Live.

9. How to get booked to speak on influential podcasts.

10. How to start, grow or explode your business as a speaker.

11. How to speak in US, UK, Europe, South Africa and globally.

12. How to leverage speaking to be seen as an expert authority in your niche.

13. How to create a beautiful, attractive brand as a speaker.

14. How to create $10k days and beyond by speaking from the stage.

15. Meet and network with other powerful female speakers, entrepreneurs, authors and coaches.

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Who is Lauren Robertson?:

Lauren Robertson is a #1 bestselling Hay House author of The Medium in Manolos, international speaker, and certified success coach for female speakers. Beginning her speaking career at just 16 years old, Lauren has spoken on stages all over the world on a variety of subjects from spirituality to business development and women's empowerment.

'I believe that now is the time for women's voices to be heard. I believe that women's wisdom, expertise, knowledge and stories will lead our world in a direction that is best for all. I believe that women speaking boldly on stages, leading tribes and creating change is necessary. And I believe that women should be paid well in exchange for what they know. My role is to facilitate this vision. If I give just one woman the confidence to speak her message in a way that compells and inspires others, then she will change the lives of thousands.'

Lauren's work has been featured extensively in the media, radio and in print.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never spoken before but I feel the burning desire to start speaking. Is this event suitable for me?

Yes! At Speaker Superstar, we'll give you the mindset shifts and strategy you need to get started as a speaker. We'll help you identify what kind of speaker you want to be, and we'll help you create opportunities to begin speaking.

I am a speaker but I don't have a business - what will I gain from this event?

If speaking is your hobby, or you speak in another context, for example, within the company you work for, we will show you tricks, tips and techniques to speak in the most compelling, confident and impactful way possible.

I have a business and I want to create clients by speaking - will I learn how to do this at this event?

Absolutely! Speaking is one of the best ways to create an influx of new clients quickly. At this event, we'll show you how to speak to sell with ease, and without coming across as pushy or salesy.

Will you show me how to land my first speaking gig?

Yes! We will empower you with a number of different options to begin speaking - you may even land your first speaking gig the same day!

I'm scared of speaking but I want to overcome my fear can you help me?

Yes! Speaker Superstar is a high level coaching seminar - we will be doing a sigificant amount of mindset work to transform your fear into confidence.

I'm a speaker with some degree of success - will you show me how to take my speaking business to the next level?

Absolutely - no matter how successful you are, there's always the next 'aha moment' that will give you new ideas and a fresh perspective on how to take your speaking to the next level.

Is this event free?

Yes - Lauren believes that an education on speaking, confidence, assertiveness and business should be available to all women. If you desire to work with Lauren to enhance your speaking career in one of her paid services, you will find out how at the end of the day.

When and where is the event?

Speaker Superstar Vancouver takes place on Wednesay 26th June at a central Vancouver location. Location details will be emailed to you when you register.

The speaker life has allowed Lauren to meet some amazing people...

Lauren with Calvin Harris - megastar DJ and music producer

Lauren on stage with multi-Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Jason Mraz

Lauren receiving an award from 7-figure coach & founder of Divine Living Gina DeVee

Lauren with the highest paid platform speaker in the world and author of Millionaire Underdog JT Foxx

Lauren with CEO of Hay House Reid Tracy

Lauren and star of Hawaii Five-0 and 'Thank You For Your Service' award-winning actor Beulah Koale

Lauren with Game of Thrones star Joe Naufahu (Khal Moro)

Lauren and bestselling Hay House author, award-winning entrepreneur and 7-figure business owner Niyc Pidgeon


Speaker Superstar - a FREE full-day coaching seminar for female speakers.


Wednesday 26th June 2019, 10am-4pm


Central Vancouver location (it will be emailed to you when you register)


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